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Inspiration started this conversation

Since I've joined the Aidpage team, I've read the several postings from members who have been victims of sexual assault.  I am a huge fan of the Investigation Discovery channel and recently viewed a Date ID episode about one woman's struggle to move past being a rape victim.  She was victimized a second time when the police didn't believe her story of being raped and threatened her with arrest on charges of filing a false police report.  It took almost 14 years of fighting which ultimately led to the capture and arrest of her assailant.  In the beginning, she used the name “Jane Doe” when addressing the public about her story to protect her privacy, but recently came forward using her real name so that she could help other victims.  I urge anyone who has been the victim of rape or sexual assault to view her website below.


You may also view the Dateline ID episode as well at




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 in response to Inspiration...   I woke up but wasn't getting up at 645 but woke at 7am. I will check it out.
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 in response to Starshine...   It came on this again this morning and I watched it while I got ready for work.
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I remember her story and will read it again. Thank you for bring this to our attention.
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